New Video Tutorials

We have released some new video tutorials.

28th Jun 2017
New Video - How to Install WordPress

We have created a new video on how to install WordPress in your account here

11th Dec 2015
New Video on How to Use FileZilla FTP

We have created a new video on how to use the popular FTP client FileZilla. Be sure to check it out.

2nd Dec 2015
Wordpress Security

Are you running a web site with Wordpress? Has your site ever been hacked? Wordpress is a very popular content management system. Wordpress itself is usually secure but it has to be kept up to date. Wordpress usually has security updates once every couple of months. You have to be vigilant in keeping it updated.Not only that but you have to keep ... Read More »

20th Nov 2015
Anti Virus or Not

A lot of people depend on anti virus software to protect their computers. But really we should not depend on AVS so much. It takes several days or even weeks for virus definitions to get updated. Often this is too late. Really what we should be doing is practicing safe computing. Change our behavior. Be on guard. 1. Don't login as an ... Read More »

10th Nov 2015

We have a new Facebook page where we can connect with clients and friends of clients. We will be offering special deals to friends of clients once we have enough people following us on Facebook. Like us on Facebook today.

6th Nov 2015